Expanse is content management for web designers, by web designers.

Download version 2.3

Standards compliant code

Making a standards compliant site with most systems usually results in screaming, broken keyboards, cracked monitors, and splitting migraines …


Easy 3 Step Install

Step 1: Confirm that you are able to install.Step 2: Enter in your name, email, and database details. Step 3: Congratulations, Expanse is installed. That’s it. No editing of config files, no setting Unix directory paths, no crossing your fingers and praying it works. It just does …


Sell your items through paypal

Expanse not only lets you mark items as “For Sale”, but also allows you to add multiple options to each item, as well as the price and shipping & handling. You can sell prints, shirts, books, posters, whatever you want. If you have a Paypal account, you can make money!…


Bulk upload

By uploading a zip file of all the images you’d like to add, you can add your entire portfolio in an instant. Expanse will automatically extract the zip file on your server, and handle all the work, including generating the thumbnails, for you …


Easy content formatting

With our built-in WYSIWYG editor, you can easily format your content. Browse the server for images, preview and add them. Dont know the direct link to your pages? Simply browse a list of all your Expanse generated pages, and the link will be inserted for you …


Powerful template system

We hate Smarty. Sure it’s great for some folks, but if you’re going need to learn a whole new language just to format your site, why bother? You’re a designer, not a freakin’ programmer …

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