Super simple (yet powerful) template system

We hate Smarty. Sure it’s great for some folks, but if you’re going need to learn a whole new language just to format your site, why bother? You’re a designer, not a freakin’ programmer.

With our template system, you have an elegant and clean solution that doesnt require a degree in Computer Science to get started. Any editor can read our templates; Dreamweaver, Textpad, UltraEdit, and even Frontpage. But what if you WANT to use the powerful features of PHP to format your information, or use formatting logic (such as "show a separator after every item except the last one";)? We still support that!

The beauty of the Expanse Templating System is that it packs all of it’s power under the hood, so you dont have to look at a bunch of complicated code that means nothing to you.

Posted On: Friday, May 22nd, 2009 @ 3:27 pm by Ian Tearle

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